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A commentary on the history of the app

January 2018


I started Rocket Wallet to make an app that I could use on with the Stellar Network. I was diappointed with the lack of nice iOS apps and I didn't want an app I had to install from Github or some other source without knowing if the developer would continue to update the app and add features. 

I wanted to make something that was secure and could be used right on my phone. 

A week or two later

For the community

I built the app primaryly for myself. That is, until the build challenge was announced. Since I was pretty new to the Stellar Network at this point, I decided to look into it and see what it was all about. I thought that my app would be something worth sharing so I submitted my proposal and it received some interest. I continued to work on the features I planned for the app. 

See announcment here:

February 7,  2018 

Public Beta

The public beta was launched with a majority of the features I wanted to originally implement in the hope of receving feedback and new feature suggestions. This happended a lot earlier than I planned and I was happy to be able to pass a few milestones early on without too much trouble. I didn't get quite the feedback I wanted, nevertheless, I continued the improve the app and look for other ways to share it with the community.

February 22, 2018

Reddit Announcment

This was a big day and I think I got the response I was looking for. I spent most of the day replying to questions and adding feature requests to the backlog. I think the community really liked what Rocket Wallet had to offer and looked forward to more development.

On my end, the value I received from the community was extremely important. I implemented at least 2 major features in the next day that I didn't realize where so important until users started requesting them. This included support for federation addresses and multi-token support in the app. I also fixed several major bugs users reported that I wasn't able to find on my own. 

By the end of it, I couldn't have been more excited to keep working on this app. 

See reddit thread:

March 15, 2018

Build Challenge Deadline

I conitinued to work on the app leading up to the deadline and improved stability and added a few more features that will be further built out in the coming weeks. I plan to keep adding more and more features to eventually support as many of the feature the Stellar Network has to offer as possible. 

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