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Download on TestFlight

  1. Join Beta Testers - Use the Sign Up Now button below to sign up for the testing group. Only a valid email is required. Nicknames or initials are fine for the first and last name. Be patient, it might take a while to warm up.
  2. Receive Invitation - You should automatically receive and email from Apple with your TestFlight invite
  3. Download TestFlight - You will need to get Apple's TestFlight app from the App Store in order to install Rocket Wallet
  4. Redeem Invitation - Once you log into your Apple account in the TestFlight app there will be an option to redeem an invite. Enter the code you received in the invitation email
  5. Download Rocket Wallet - You should know have access to Rocket Wallet in TestFlight. Simply install the app!
  6. Enjoy! - Use the app and let us know what your think. Feedback is key to be able to continue to deliver updates and please users. 

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